Roxenius Rekrytering focuses on recruitment of executives and specialists within the private sector. Most of the assignments are solved through Executive Search, a well established method for an active and thorough search of the relevant market.

The process starts by gaining knowledge of our client’s situation and together with the client we analyze the needs of the organization and identify the relevant search criteria for the position in question.

The next step is a careful and meticulous mapping of the relevant industries, companies and organizations in order to find the best candidates available on the market. Throughout the years we have developed an extensive network of contacts and sources which is a great asset in this part of the process. But in order to really go to the bottom of a search process there are no shortcuts. It takes painstaking effort in order to cover all relevant sectors and to utilize all available channels of information.

This is where the Passion comes in - Roxenius Rekrytering is completely devoted to the detective work necessary to find the very best candidates. Step by step we take the recruitment process forward until the client and the candidates are satisfied. Sometimes advertised recruitment can be the best option, then we go through the relevant established media-channels in order to get the coverage necessary to solve the recruitment.


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